L'Abée-Lund Norwegian compass


L'Abée-Lund Norwegian compass

My new book Compass Chronicles has a section dedicated to this Lund compass sundial.

Compass Chronicles describes over 200 different compasses. This first edition, 
hard cover book includes over 500 colorful photographs and illustrations 
covering the history and evolution of these unique instruments.

This is a special compass. You rarely can you find out any background and history about a
 compass when you see one. Who it belonged to, where it was in the last 80 years, etc...

Here is his description of this compass:

"It was manufactured by my grandfather, Johan Henrik L'Abée-Lund, 
from approx 1922 to the late 30's. It was then a rather popular 
compass in Norway, and was sold also elsewhere in Scandinavia.

The name "Uhrkompass" means "watch compass", and was meant quite 
literally:  It could be used as a sundial, with the use of the table on the 
backside. But I won't try to translate the whole manual.

The red little ant was a part of a promotion gimmick. In these days 
every product should have a marketing slogan, and for this compass 
it was "Mauren i syd" or "The ant to the south", referring to the well 
known fact that in the woods you can find approximately south by 
looking at what side of the trees the ants have their ant hill."

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